Brand Story

Founded in 2000 as the brainchild of Nadine Ramos, LASIO proudly holds the title of “keratin pioneer” in the United States due to Ms. Ramos’ recognition of the unique reparative characteristics of this naturally created miracle protein, in an industry previously saturated with Japanese straighteners and harsh relaxers.


Since then, LASIO, Inc has begun to flourish into a beauty conglomerate; introducing the world to HYPERSILK, a miraculous line of keratin infused daily hair care products, and KERATIN TROPIC, the first formaldehyde free keratin treatment. LASIO continues to grow and excel as a brand committed to providing innovative products and tools for in salon services and at home use.


Today, the LASIO staff is responsible for certifying thousands of stylists worldwide and LASIO Professional Hair Care products can be found throughout the world. With a rapidly growing international presence LASIO has made permanent marks in France, the UK, Egypt, South Africa, Kuwait, and India with several other international relationships being developed regularly.