Halloween is just around the corner. And even though this year is a little different while we all practice safe, social distancing, we’re still feeling the spooky season vibes. So with that, we wanted to share some of our favorite Halloween hairstyle ideas we’re seeing!

1. Dua Lipa

This one is both so easy and totally iconic. All you need is some temporary hair dye or a wig, and throw it all in a top knot. Use a little bit of hair spray to make sure the hair holds in place, and you’ll have a hairstyle that will last you all night long!


2. Medusa

A Greek goddess, an icon, and one of our favorite misunderstood female warriors, Medusa is bold and totally badass. To recreate this look, start by sectioning your hair into small pieces and throw each piece into messy buns. Then weave fake snakes through your buns, and become the stone-cold fox herself.


3. Wednesday Adams

One of our favorite campy/chic looks from the 90s, this Wednesday Adams look is super easy and doable. Using a black wig or temporary dye, coat your hair. Draw in a widow’s peak at the top of your forehead with black paint, and part your hair down the middle. Braid two long braids, and tie off with a clear hair tye. (*Optional: If you have some grey or white temporary hair dye on hand, spray the bottom part of the braids to create a gorgeous ombre look.)


4. Galaxy Girl Glitter Buns

This one requires a little bit of clean up after the fact, so if you have the patience, we highly recommend this super fun look. First, part your hair down the middle. Brush the right section up into a high ponytail. Wrap and twist, forming a bun, and tie off. Make sure you separate the hair a bit so it looks super full. Do this for the left side as well. Then, mixing a quarter size amount of hair gel with your favorite glitter of choice, paint along the edges of your part.

Galaxy Girl Glitter Buns

5. Viking Warrior 

As if she just came out of the year 900, this Viking warrior hairstyle is surprisingly low-maintenance and will last you all night long. 

Start by creating two parts close to the middle of your head. Fishtail braid at the top until all of the hair from the top two parts is in. Be sure to backcomb the bottom of the braid. Then on both sides of the head, divide the remaining hair into two horizontal sections. Braid each section in small dutch braids, and backcomb the bottom pieces again. Add feathers, metal rings, and thin leather wraps to the braids to elevate the look. And there you have it!

Viking Warrior Halloween Hairstyle

6. Lioness Babe

This hairstyle is extremely low-key and easy for our curly girls out there. Simply use our Texturizing Keratin Mist to give it that extra oomph, and then add in your favorite cat ears.


7. Unicorn Curls

Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, you can make this look work for you. For our curly girls, use hair paint colors of your choice and add different colors to each tendril. Then part your hair to the side, only an inch from your forehead. Smooth the smaller side back and up, using hairspray to hold the hairs in place. And for the larger section, slick and pin about half an inch up, and let the curls fall over the pins.


8. Unicorn Waves

For straight or wavy hair, backcomb the hair at the root for volume and then brush out. Section off hair all around the head, and apply your favorite temporary colors to each section. Once the dye is washed and dried, use side braids and pin-up how you like for that voluminous unicorn look.


9. Billie Eilish’s Green Roots

This one is great for our brunettes. Plus it’s SUPER easy. All you need is a little temporary green hair dye. Part your hair down the middle, and add to the part. That’s it!