Hello, gym-goers! We are here today to talk workout hair. Exercise is an immeasurably important part of our lives. Keeping your body in shape is a great way to maintain confidence, and the physical act of exercise is a proven endorphin boost and stress reliever. Getting into a workout routine is challenging and rewarding, and the last thing you should have to worry about is your hair. The salt contained in our sweat is a known cause of hair dryness and damage, and putting your hair up isn’t always enough to keep it away. Here are three products from Lasio that will take care of your hair so you can have a worry-free workout.

More than just a deep conditioning leave-in, this masque is great for protecting your roots. Apply to the scalp before a workout to keep away the salt and keep your strands nourished. For extra moisture, consider the Deep Cacao Mask.

You may have used dry shampoo in a pinch in the past when you have to skip a full wash day. However, a little known fact about our dry shampoo is how great it is to use pre-workout. It acts like an antiperspirant for your hair, keeping excess oil and sweat away from your scalp.

The easiest of the three, the keratin protector is a quick and portable spray that adds a layer of protection to the outside of your hair, keeping you safe from salt. The protector is great to use as a final step in addition to the masque, or instead if you’re in a pinch and need a quick solution.

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