As we enter the Fall season, we enter a time of change. We’re talking, fall layers, leaves on the ground, all things pumpkin, and getting set into a new routine — whether you’re social distancing or just masking up. 

In the fall, you can feel free to leave your hair down, without worrying about sweat ruining your look. You can put it up, and let your outfit do the talking. With that, here are seven must-try fall hairstyles for curly hair, straight hair, and everything in between.

Brushed-Out Curls

Yea, we know. Your mom always said not to brush out your curls. But this year, we’re ignoring that rule. Using a medium barrel curling iron, brush out your curls for a soft, voluptuous look.

Box Braid Top Knot

This one is great for if you want that va-va-voom statement hair. Once your hair is braided, wait a week, and then wrap up top in an updo.

Curly Bangs

Oh, to be able to pull off not just bangs, but curly bangs. For our curly girls, we loved seeing Zendaya pull off this look on the red carpet. And we fully support copying it at home! Shape ringlets with Lasio Texturizing Keratin Mist to give those curls volume all the way around.

Bantu Knots

Cute and flirty, this originally South African hairstyle is easy to pull off, and you don’t actually have to suffer through putting your hair in actual, well, knots! Don’t forget to lay your edges/baby hairs when you’re done!

Short Lob with Big Curls

It’s a little bit Kim K meets 60’s movie star, but we’re seeing this short lob pop up everywhere and we love it. Use big rollers when drying your hair to achieve this bouncy, flirty look.

High Pony with Ultra-Long Extensions

This hairstyle, inspired by miss Ariana Grande herself, requires patience, and lots of hair extensions. But if you have those two things, you can make this one happen! Simply pull all of your hair up into a high pony. Make it as tight as possible. Use a toothbrush to get all of your wispy’s to lay back, flat. And there you have it!

High Pony with a Side Part

This 1960s-inspired updo has had a bit of a comeback thanks to Bella Hadid. When drying your hair, use big rollers, line your side part, and then bring all of your hair up into a high pony. Make sure everything looks tight and straight, and don’t forget to lay your edges/baby hairs!