Can we inspire and empower people all over the world through beauty?
Absolutely! Want to join us?

Founded in 2000, Lasio was built on a passion for innovation and an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit.
From the creation of her very first Keratin Treatment, Nadine Ramos, Lasio’s founder and CEO,
has continued to create innovative products built on her
philosophy of “hair health above all else.”

Our Philosophy

In an industry that can at times seem as though it’s built on
gimmicks and fads of the moment, Lasio remains committed to creating simple to use luxury products
that put the health of hair first. All products are made in the US (at our beauty factory in Pennsylvania).
We promise real results that improve the strength and health of all hair, inclusive of all types and textures.

We are entrepreneurs, artists, innovators and rule breakers. We are Lasio.

Our Love Story With Hair

Each of us has a story of when we first fell in love with hair.
We loved the way a new style made us look; the way it made us feel and we loved trying out new creations on any friend or family member who would let us.

Now, over twenty years later, we’ve turned that same love into creating products to transform your hair and we are passionate about sharing
these extraordinary products with the world.
When it comes to beauty, we believe nothing is more fundamental or more important than strength and health and our promise is to help you achieve just that.

PASSION. We love what we do. Love is what what connects us to our purpose. Every day brings a new challenge, a new opportunity to boldly take a chance, to learn and to grow together.
In our business, passion is required and it shows in the products we create and the friendships we make along the way.

PEOPLE make the difference.
No matter how much technology you have, when it comes to hair as with many things in life, people make the difference.
We know our clients who have come to our salons for years. We know our stylists who have worked with our products and helped us make them better.
And we know our ingredient supliers who ensure the highest quality materials in everything we use

PURPOSE. We know hair. We’ve been hands-on, working with hair for decades, in salons all over the world and in labs working with our chemists and ingredient partners,
perfecting formulas and exploring new ingredients for everyday use.

Ultimately, it’s building a relationship with people that ensures the quality, effectiveness and integrity of everything we create.

Join us and see the difference Lasio can make.