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How To Overcome Excessive Hair Shedding

Hair shedding is a completely normal experience. Every day, your body sheds 50 to 100 hairs, which are replaced by new hair tissues. But the first time you notice your shower drain clogged with your hair, or your hairbrush pulling more of your hair tufts than usual, you panic. You are not alone. Celebrities have [...]

35 Stunning Hairstyles For Spring Dates 2022

Everything is set, except for one thing. Your hair. What do you do? What do you do? Oh, my goodness, what do you do? Check out our list of stunning hairstyles for spring dates, if you ask us. 1. Braided Bun Yes, we're here to give you the lowdown on how ostensibly lovely this hairstyle [...]

15 Priceless Reasons Why You Should Always Hire A Mobile Stylist

Having your hair styled by a mobile stylist is like a honeymoon that lasts forever. Quick question: who is a mobile stylist? They are a professional hairdresser, barber, or beautician who provides their services at your preferred location, which could be your home, workplace, hotel, or anywhere else. As long as you despise stress, which [...]

Your Hair And Sunshine

Sunshine is your hair's, first love. Caring… but dangerous. We are Lasio and we're bringing you five special tips on how to manage your hair and sunshine and all the goodies that come in the middle. 1. One Hat Trick Is All It Takes   The sunny days are here! While you're bustling to soak [...]

Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Drawer!

It’s spring which means it’s time for some spring cleaning! It can be a bit overwhelming when your beauty space becomes a cluttered mess. If your bathroom sink is covered with beauty products it’s time to get organized. Out With The Old   If you’re the type of person that gets overwhelmed with the idea [...]

10 Things to do to Show Someone Else Love

Love is in the air! The basic “I love you” roses and a card is nice but not the only way you can show love. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a little too easy to fall into a rut, and to even mistake it for routine! Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do [...]

5 Things To Do To Show Yourself Love

It’s February, the month of love. During this time we often think about how we can show our love and appreciation to others. Many of us put outsiders’ needs and wants before our own. We end up neglecting ourselves in the process. How can you love others if you aren’t loving yourself? You have made [...]

Workout Hair, Don’t Care: Protect Your Hair During Your Workout!

Are you someone who loves to workout but hates the stress it puts on your hair? Chances are you aren’t protecting your hair while exercising. Putting your hair up in a ponytail or bun is not enough to avoid the damage. The good news is you don’t have to choose between healthy hair and a [...]

New Year, New You: 2022 Hairstyle Trends

Start 2022 with courage and confidence by trying a new hairstyle. Whether you have long, short, straight, or kinky hair there is no better opportunity to switch up your style than the new year! Textured LayersThis style isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and we can see why! The perfect way to spruce up your [...]

Throw A Keratin Party

Tired of the same ole get-together? Want a fun way to pamper and impress your friends? We have the perfect solution that will have everyone raving! A Lasio Mobile Keratin Party is the new fun way to do girls’ day. Enjoy our amazing on-demand service, where a Lasio-certified stylist comes to you! Have your party [...]

Holiday Hairstyles 2021

The holidays are around the corner! Whether you want to make a bold statement or look regal during this year’s Christmas and New Years’ party we got you covered. Christmas Ornaments What’s a bigger statement than having ornaments all over your hair? How about making a Christmas tree on top of your head! Add in [...]

7 Must-Try Winter Hair Trends In 2021

Looking for a fun winter hairstyle to distract you from the cold, dark months? Check out these stunning winter season hair trends and become the light of any home, office, or event! Chocolate and Cinnamon Colored Hair   This dessert-inspired hair color is perfect for this season. Try out caramel, cocoa, and toffee highlights or [...]

Textured Hair Tips 2021

Dry Air, Dry Hair Cold weather means dry hair, right? Well, not anymore! Here are some tips and products that will keep your curls looking moisturized and feeling healthy this season. Skip the Shampoo?! Yes, you read that correctly. Shampoo could be the problem with your overly dry hair this season. Washing your hair with [...]

What is Keratin?

You may have heard the term ‘keratin’ thrown around on your trips to the salon. But what is keratin, and why should you know about it? A keratin treatment is a long-lasting hair repair technique that eliminates frizz, increases smoothness, repairs bonds, and enhances manageability. Contrary to popular belief, keratin is a strengthening treatment, not [...]

3 Ways To Repair Your Hair After Summer

Summer 2021 has come and gone. After spending so long inside, this year’s hot season surely left us with many memories to cherish. Unfortunately, it also left many of us with hair damage. Saltwater can leave you with an extremely dry scalp and dry hair. Pool chlorine is notorious for fading hair color and weakening [...]

4 Cacao Butter Benefits For Hair

Chocolate isn’t just for eating. More and more hair care brands are making products using cacao butter. But why? What sets these products apart from what you use now? Here are four major benefits of using cacao butter on your hair. Chocolate contains antioxidants and magnesium, both of which are essential elements for hair loss [...]

3 Must Haves For Pre-Workout Hair Care

Hello, gym-goers! We are here today to talk workout hair. Exercise is an immeasurably important part of our lives. Keeping your body in shape is a great way to maintain confidence, and the physical act of exercise is a proven endorphin boost and stress reliever. Getting into a workout routine is challenging and rewarding, and [...]

Back to School Hair Inspo

A new school year is upon us! Time to start serving those fall looks. Here are six undeniable back to school styles for inspiration. Braided Bun Bubble Ponytail Peach Hair Tiny Braids Hair Bow 70’s Hair We hope you got some good recommendations from this, and we’d love to see your results! Tag us in [...]

Summer Cocktails

Combos that will accentuate your Summer Shine We’re all looking for that perfect product. That one go-to bottle we can reach for whenever our hair is giving us problems. Of course, it’s never that simple, and usually the perfect solution is a combination of products that varies from situation to situation. We’d love to make [...]

Summer Highlights

It’s been such an amazing summer here at Lasio, and our Lasio Mobile stylists have been working hard to bring unparalleled summer shine to all their clients. Here are some highlights! Stylist: Amanda | Treatment: Color Pro Stylist: Vivian | Treatment: Keratin Tropic Stylist: Anthony | Treatment: Color Pro Stylist: Jessica | Treatment: Mocha Silk [...]

3 Ways to Give Your Hair Super Strength This Winter

Curly, wavy, straight, thin, textured — it doesn’t matter which type of hair you have. Winter winds, freezes, rains bring with it a dryness that can be damaging to locks of all types. Here’s how to take back control of your hair no matter how cold it gets. Don’t wash as frequently Your hair contains [...]

Curly Hair? Here’s How to Take Care of It All Winter Long

Maintaining stunning, perfectly curly hair is never an easy feat. It’s usually a super-involved process; one that involves asking other curly-haired friends, “hey, what salon do you go to”, sleeping with a silk scarf on, and moisturizing as if your life depends on it.  And with the winter season just around the corner, so are […]

Scalp Exfoliation — How & Why It Keeps Your Hair Strong

You sit back in the chair in front of the hairdresser’s sink and rest your neck on the edge. Your hairdresser adds in clarifying shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and then scrubs with her fingertips. And it feels so good you almost get lulled to sleep. That’s the feeling of scalp exfoliation.  Scalp exfoliation sounds dreamy, […]

4 Ways to Protect Your Hair From Heat

Earth, wood, fire, water, metal — the five elements of the Chinese zodiac are said to be the very elements that hold our world in perfect harmony. Incidentally, it’s also these very things that can damage our skin and hair. Particularly heat.  We layout in the sun, play in the sand, use hot tools like […]

Keratin Treatment Aftercare Tips for Hair Extensions

Luxurious, full locks are totally attainable thanks to hair extensions. And gorgeously shiny hair? Why, that’s only a 90-minute keratin treatment away.  One of the most popular types of hair extensions is Keratin-bonded hair extensions. But if you’re thinking about getting extensions PLUS a keratin treatment? Read this first before your next hair appointment.  Can […]

10 DIY Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. And even though this year is a little different while we all practice safe, social distancing, we’re still feeling the spooky season vibes. So with that, we wanted to share some of our favorite Halloween hairstyle ideas we’re seeing! 1. Dua Lipa This one is both so easy and […]

Dealing with Split Ends? Here Are 4 Ways to Prevent Them

Wavy hair, straight hair, thin hair, thick hair — we all deal with split ends. It’s the result of hair damage. And while you’ll never be completely free of them, you can prevent most of them from popping up. Here’s how. 1. Wash your hair less often Your hair is the frailest when it’s wet […]

How to Make Vibrant Hair Color Last

Your hair is an extension of you — it’s the way you practice self-expression, show off that sense of style, and it’s oftentimes the first impression you make on people. And for those of us that color our hair often or simply love our naturally vibrant hair color, you want to make your hair stand […]

How Your Hair Affects Your Self-Confidence

Hair is more than just a way to show off your individuality. For centuries, the length and volume of our hair have been linked to fertility. The more hair you have, and the longer it is, the more viable you are to conceive children. Think of the goddesses in Greek Mythology. It’s also been linked […]

How to Heal Dry or Damaged Hair

We’ve just finished summer — a time of sun, sand, and (socially-distanced) fun! But if you’re like us, you’ve probably spent a lot of time in chlorinated pools, salty ocean water, and your hair could use a little TLC.  So, to heal dry or damaged hair, we have to know what we’re working with. Chlorine-damaged […]

How to Take Care of Your Hair After the Gym

There are nearly endless benefits to regularly working out beyond weight management: we’re talking about reducing your risk of heart disease, improving your mental health and mood, improving your sleep cycle, increasing memory and cognition, managing your blood sugar…the list goes on. Whether you’re continuing to practice social distancing, or are just now going back […]

7 Must-Try Fall Hairstyles in 2020

As we enter the Fall season, we enter a time of change. We’re talking, fall layers, leaves on the ground, all things pumpkin, and getting set into a new routine — whether you’re social distancing or just masking up.  In the fall, you can feel free to leave your hair down, without worrying about sweat […]

Can You Reverse Sun Damage in Your Hair?

It’s the middle of summer, and as you enjoy time at the beach, bbq in the backyard, or swimming at the local pool, you’ll want to be sure you’re also doing everything you can to protect your hair.  Protecting your skin with SPF is a given — sun damage can be extremely harmful to your […]

3 Tips on How to Live Life Frizz-Free

It’s summer, and you know what that means. Beachy waves at the beach, curls by the pool, and long flowing locks at the ice cream shop. We can picture it now — all boing, no blah. But girl, don’t let your braids get in a twist. Here are our top 3 ways to live your […]

Why Lasio Mobile is Right for You

While the world turns to the full digital era due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lasio professional hair care takes this opportunity to create an innovative way to deliver highly qualified keratin services to everyone at home. Lasio Mobile was launched two weeks ago to provide a full salon and keratin experience delivered to the comfort […]

How to Create Beach Waves Using Lasio Texturizing Mist

The secret behind great waves is using the right products and tools. But if you think the idea of mastering those perfectly loose curls sounds more than a little terrifying, you haven’t come across the Lasio texturizing mist. This keratin and color safe mist is designed to give you a summer look all year long… […]

How to Get the Perfect Blowout with Lasio Volumizing Spray

The talent required for a fresh and stylish blowout isn’t lost on us. It takes a peculiar set of skills to move a round brush and blowdryer and provide our clients the precise style they’re looking for time and time again. After hours and hours in the salon, giving a blowout comes naturally for hairstylists. […]