Maintaining stunning, perfectly curly hair is never an easy feat. It’s usually a super-involved process; one that involves asking other curly-haired friends, “hey, what salon do you go to”, sleeping with a silk scarf on, and moisturizing as if your life depends on it. 

And with the winter season just around the corner, so are a whole new slew of problems for our curly friends. But don’t cancel your plans just yet. Here are our methods to truly care for those curls all winter long.

It’s all about silk

We mentioned it before, but silk is a magical material. You can wrap your hair and sleep in a silk scarf, or get a silk pillowcase. Why is it magic, you ask? The fibers that silk is made out of are soft and smooth and don’t create as much friction with your hair strands as other fibers would. This allows your hair to keep building natural oils to moisturize your locks, prevents breakage, and tangles!

Get into braids

For those with curly hair, scarves are the enemy. But by getting into different versions of braids, twists, and buns, you’ll decrease your chances of super-tangles, breakage, and frizz. No hair snags this winter. 

Invest in a dehumidifier

Girls with curly hair are often experiencing drier hair, too. A dehumidifier is not only a great way to combat dry winter skin, but dry curls, too. Or, if you prefer the easy way, enjoy a warm shower and don’t get your hair wet — just let your curls soak up all of the steam.


Without fail, when it comes to reading tips on keeping your curly hair properly moisturized, especially in winter, you’ll inevitably see the phrase LCO come up. LCO stands for ‘liquid (water), cream, oil’. That means keeping up a regular routine that includes water, using a cream to keep your hair moisturized, and a little bit of oil so those fatty acids can seal and protect your hair from the elements. 

Use a cleansing conditioner

Particularly one that doesn’t contain any sulfates. Doing this regularly is called co-washing. And if you find a great cleansing conditioner without sulfates, hold on tight. What’s great about a conditioner without sulfites is that the conditioner won’t lather, so your hair can retain hydration as the cleansing conditioner works its magic. Neat, huh?

Regardless of whether your hair is curly, wavy, or tightly-coiled, proper hair hydration for the winter is an absolute must — especially in a year as harsh as 2020. With these methods under your belt, you can count on beautiful, healthy hair.