Wavy hair, straight hair, thin hair, thick hair — we all deal with split ends. It’s the result of hair damage. And while you’ll never be completely free of them, you can prevent most of them from popping up. Here’s how.

1. Wash your hair less often

Your hair is the frailest when it’s wet — so try to avoid washing your hair as often. You can also avoid over-shampooing, as over-shampooing can wear on your hair. To shampoo a little more effectively, only use a quarter-dollar size amount of shampoo. 

Our recommendation: Try the LASIO Replenishing Shampoo & Conditioner set. It includes Amber Extract, Coconut Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil which are nutrients packed with vitamins and antioxidants designed to boost keratin production, calming your frizz, and hydrating your ends.

2. Avoid high heat

Let’s turn it down, way down. We’re talking about your hair straightener, blow dryer, even your shower temperature. The more heat your ends are exposed to, the more damage they’ll take. 

Turn down the heat a bit, and try concentrating any heat you’re exposing your hair to at the roots, instead of at the ends. Plus, if you shower using lukewarm water and rinse using colder water, you’ll close the hair cuticle, which will help protect and seal the outer layer of your hair. 

Our recommendation: Our LASIO Advanced Serum is formulated with cocamide oil to rebalance hair’s moisture, particularly from the mid-lengths to the ends. Add in the LASIO Hair Masque to strengthen and moisturize otherwise lackluster hair. Plus, it will work to actively protect your hair against heat.

3. Invest in a satin pillowcase or hair cover

Yes, your hair can experience damage even while you sleep — particularly as it feels the effects of friction against your pillowcase. With a silk pillowcase or hair cover, you can decrease the amount of friction your hair experiences overnight.