The talent required for a fresh and stylish blowout isn’t lost on us. It takes a peculiar set of skills to move a round brush and blowdryer and provide our clients the precise style they’re looking for time and time again.

After hours and hours in the salon, giving a blowout comes naturally for hairstylists. It no longer requires a huge amount of concentration, and nailing that voluminous, shiny blowout can be done in little to no time at all. Unfortunately, we no longer have the luxury to visit a salon and feel safe.

For clients looking to recreate that just-left-the-salon look at home, mastering the blowout can be quite tricky. A magic product can make the work happen even from home! Anna – lifestyle blogger and content creator – will be showing us how she gets the perfect blowout using Lasio volumizing spray. Ready? Let’s see the magic happening!

Step-by-Step for the Perfect and Voluminous Blowout

STEP 1: Wash and rinse
STEP 2: Spray volumizing spray
STEP 3: Blow dry
STEP 4: Spray volumizing spray for final touch
STEP 5: Ready, set, go!

Are you ready to spray, blow dry and spray again for the perfect blowout? Let us know