There are nearly endless benefits to regularly working out beyond weight management: we’re talking about reducing your risk of heart disease, improving your mental health and mood, improving your sleep cycle, increasing memory and cognition, managing your blood sugar…the list goes on. Whether you’re continuing to practice social distancing, or are just now going back to the gym, the benefits are endless. But how do you take care of your hair after all is said and done?

Let’s take a look.

Dry shampoo is your friend

Add a bit of dry shampoo before you begin your workout. This helps your strands absorb any moisture and sweat during your workout, and acts as a shield against salt.

But never apply dry shampoo to wet hair

When you think dry shampoo, think dry hair. Dry = dry. If you apply dry shampoo to wet hair, you’re going to get a strange bit of thick residue since dry shampoo isn’t soluble with water. Yuck.

And if you can, get a dry shampoo that’s salt-free to keep from weakening hair strands that could use extra moisture. For example, the Lasio Dry Shampoo works to absorb excess oils, prevent color fading and keratin fading, plus it’s salt-free. So, there are zero powdery residues.

Avoid shampooing every day

It’s tempting; if you’re going on a date after your workout, sweaty hair is not the cutest look. But try to only shampoo your hair 2-3 times per week, if you can. Since sweat is infused with salt, it’s notorious for being harsh on your hair; it can weaken your strands and make them dry and brittle. But shampooing more than you need to will just serve to dry it out even further.

If you can, infuse moisture in between workouts. Try the Hypersilk Revitalizing Hair Masque as a strengthening leave-in conditioner that works to repair and restore. 

A little bit of sweat is okay

But try to not overdo it. Again, salt is a drying mineral, so too much of a good thing will leave your hair feeling dry, brittle, and will weaken your hair strand’s ability to keep moisture locked in. If you’ve just done a bunch of cardio or a spin class, then we recommend giving your hair a rinse — just avoid shampoo.

Keep your hair tied loose

The best way to keep sweat from getting in your hair at all? Keep everything loose. Tie your ponytail tight so your hair doesn’t fall out of your band, but keep it a little further out from your head to give your hair strands some breathing room. Hair coils are a great way to tie up your hair without leaving behind a crease, so consider grabbing a handful of those before you hit the treadmill.

Feeling warm? Blow-dry with cold air

Adding heat to the salty sweat that’s already in your hair can be double-damaging. A great way to both cool off and keep your hair healthy is by blow-drying your hair after your workout with cool air. It’s a win-win.