Luxurious, full locks are totally attainable thanks to hair extensions. And gorgeously shiny hair? Why, that’s only a 90-minute keratin treatment away. 

One of the most popular types of hair extensions is Keratin-bonded hair extensions. But if you’re thinking about getting extensions PLUS a keratin treatment? Read this first before your next hair appointment. 

Can you get a keratin treatment with hair extensions in?

The short answer–kind of. Only if the hair extensions/weave contains real, natural hair. 

The long answer–Keratin treatments are great for all natural hair types: thick, curly, wavy, straight, damaged, thin, you name it. If you have hair extensions in, just make sure they’re not synthetic. Synthetic hair extensions won’t be able to withstand the chemicals within keratin. But with natural or virgin hair extensions or a weave, you can treat your hair extensions just like the hair on your head. Just be sure that within the first few days you avoid:

  • Water/moisture/sweat of any kind
  • Braids, ponytails, hair clips, bobby pins
  • Tucking your hair behind your ears

And overall, brush your hair often, avoid shampoos with sulfates, and try sleeping with a silk cap to maintain gorgeous, healthy hair. 

Using a keratin treatment can be a great way to revitalize and rejuvenate your hair extensions and weave. And if you treat those extensions well after the fact, you’ll enjoy the most gorgeous, silky smooth hair.

But what are Keratin-bonded extensions?

Keratin-bonded extensions is a type of extension process. This involves sectioning off hair and using heated keratin to literally bond virgin or unprocessed hair extensions to strands of your own hair. It’s invisible to the naked eye, though you’ll be able to feel them. They typically start at $500, last three to four months, and require an appointment at your salon to take them out. Incidentally, you can also get a keratin treatment on this type of hair extension as the hair extensions are made from real human hair and are not synthetic.

To sum up? 

Keratin-bonded hair extensions is a process of applying hair extensions to your head. 

Keratin treatment on hair extensions is added keratin to extensions that are already in your hair. 

And no matter what, your keratin treatment on your hair, whether it’s a natural, non-synthetic wig, a weave, or hair extension, will shine bright.