Combos that will accentuate your Summer Shine

We’re all looking for that perfect product. That one go-to bottle we can reach for whenever our hair is giving us problems. Of course, it’s never that simple, and usually the perfect solution is a combination of products that varies from situation to situation. We’d love to make it a little easier on you. Here are three summer hair cocktails that will give you something to brag about.

When going out, you want to protect your summer look. This tried and true combo has always been useful, especially before a blowout. It’s a great way to tame down your flyaways and give you added shine. It provides moisture to dry hair and control to humidity-ridden hair. This is an especially great combo if you haven’t had a keratin treatment but still need to control your frizz.

A simple spray-on solution with stunning results. Our bestselling Texturizing Keratin Mist enhances the texture of your hair, allowing for soft and shiny volume, while the Keratin Protector keeps your hair safe from UV rays. It also protects from the salt in your sweat, which all of us are more than familiar with right now. It’s the perfect formula for achieving those beachy waves! 

Don’t let chemicals ruin your fun! This cocktail should be your go-to for any trip to the pool. Apply the Revitalizing Masque to damp hair to prepare for and shield from chlorine. The Keratin Protector will add an extra layer of shielding, like spray-on sunblock does for your skin. This is also a great addition to beach trips, as both products protect from saltwater as well. It’s time to enjoy a worry-free swim.


Enjoy! We hope you got some good recommendations from this list, and we’d love to see your results! Tag us in your Instagram posts @lasioprofessional or #Lasio! Keep on shining ♥️