Dry Air, Dry Hair

Cold weather means dry hair, right? Well, not anymore! Here are some tips and products that will keep your curls looking moisturized and feeling healthy this season.

Skip the Shampoo?!

Yes, you read that correctly. Shampoo could be the problem with your overly dry hair this season. Washing your hair with shampoo every day is doing more harm than good. Curly hair naturally has a harder time retaining moisture. The additional stripping that shampooing does to the hair will cause curls to be dry if overused. Cutting how many times you shampoo to 1-2 times a week, and conditioning in between, will leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized. An extra tip? When washing your hair, use your conditioner in place of your shampoo. After, add a leave-in to the hair for added moisture.

Recommended Product: HYPERSILK Replenishing Conditioner

Deep Conditioning

In need of extra moisture? Add a deep conditioner to your weekly wash routine. Deep conditioning restores natural shine while getting rid of build-up from the hair. It also reduces breakage and split ends restoring hair’s health. For the best results leave the deep conditioner on for 15-30 minutes under a heated cap/deep conditioning cap, then rinse.

Recommended Product: Deep Cacao Mask

Leave-In Benefits

For curly, coarse, and textured hair leave-in provides extra moisture that can stay in the hair all day long. Textured hair is naturally susceptible to dryness because the natural oils produced in the scalp take longer to spread down the length of the curls. Applying a leave-in product to your hair will help the hair look more defined and healthy with less frizz.

Recommended Product: HYPERSILK Smoothing Balm

Environment Protection

The environment can cause major hair damage when not protected properly. This can lead to frizzy and unmanageable hair. Instead of wearing hats every time you go out, try our Texturizing Keratin Mist (TKM)! TKM is keratin-infused to get the ultimate curl definition and protection from harmful UV damages in a lightweight, non-stick mist.

Recommended Product: Texturizing Keratin Mist