You may have heard the term ‘keratin’ thrown around on your trips to the salon. But what is keratin, and why should you know about it?

A keratin treatment is a long-lasting hair repair technique that eliminates frizz, increases smoothness, repairs bonds, and enhances manageability. Contrary to popular belief, keratin is a strengthening treatment, not a straightening treatment. In fact, there are specific varieties for those who want to maintain body and curl. No matter your hair type, if you’re struggling to manage it, there’s a keratin for you.

Keratin is also more than just a treatment. It’s a building block of hair. Because it’s the same protein found in your hair, it’s one of the most beneficial and restorative hair care ingredients. You don’t need to get an expensive treatment to experience the benefits! From hairspray to conditioner, every Lasio product contains the same human hair keratin.
Take the Healthy Hair Kit for example–this regimen includes Replenishing Shampoo, Replenishing Conditioner, and your choice of Revitalizing Masque or Deep Cacao Mask (take our quiz to find out which one is for you). All of these products contain keratin and can be used in tandem as a regular hair care regimen, regardless of if you’ve had a treatment or not. The keratin works beautifully in tandem with other natural ingredients like amber extract and bioactive amino acids to keep your hair hyper healthy and hyper strong. You will notice the difference!


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